My history

ritaMy passion for needlework started while I was growing up in Forli, Italy. During my childhood, technology was not part of every child’s play time. On colder days, we would play inside the house and my grandmother Bruna would patiently teach me different types of needlework that were taught by her mother and grandmother. As time went by, I learned different types of needlework. Our house began to fill up with embroidered pillows, scarves, towels, centerpieces, etc. The love for handmade creations enriched with precision and patience accompanied me throughout my childhood years. jewelry I never met my other grandmother Maria, but I did grow up with fond memories of her. My father and my aunt testified the bravery of this woman who lived at the beginning of the century and left behind beautiful artwork such as engraved frames, embroideries and intricate needlework. These are my grandmothers, my heritage. As an adult, I was inspired by a dream which represented a world full of art and artists working hard at creating their inspirations. That is when I decided to turn my dream into reality. I allow my inspiration to flow freely. When I feel it is the time to start a new piece, I sit at my work table, select my luminescent strings, ponder at my pearls, crystals, stones and catch a glimpse of my cat’s curious glance. That is when I begin to live my passion. bruna